Friday, 21 February 2014

Kilns and planters

This week my mum was getting ready for the RHS Show in London and I was there when she opened the kiln. Her kiln is a big beast that runs on gas and swallows money every time it fires. But being a giant, it can take some really big pots. In this firing there were a couple of garden seats - you can just spy them in the top picture - and this white planter which I'd love to call my own. She makes birdbaths and soda-fired planters too and I've got a few of these in our garden which are so beautiful that they manage to completely divert attention from my dead plants and thriving weeds.

She only really sells through galleries or in her studio. I'm trying to persuade her to sell online too but she hates the whole selling part of making. I'll keep trying...


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Big News

She can ride a bike now. No stabilisers or anything. That's big news around these parts. 
If I had this bike I could cycle with her. But which colour saddle, and which colour wheels?