Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Feeling Foxy (Part Two)

This is Floyd.

He and his blue pants came into our possession at the ReetSweet Spring Market a couple of weekends ago.

We like him a lot and hope he feels at home in our house. We also hope he isn't too put off by the crochetdermy fox head that lives nearby. (That's not a look of fear in his eyes, is it?)

Floyd is made by Jen from the Darn it! Collective, who has kindly made him lots of friends. Like Freeman, Fred and Ferous. Isn't she just brilliant?

This is Jen's website. This is the Darn It! Folksy Shop.  And this is the Darn It! Etsy Shop.

I do seem too be feeling very Foxy, and also quite Crafty this week. Now why could that be?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Feeling Foxy

I've set a rule for myself when I'm doing craft fairs: no straying from behind my stall and venturing near any other makers, especially not with a purse in hand. I have mantras I repeat to myself, like "I must end the day with more money in my cash box than I came with". And, "Stay put, do not be lured by that beautiful editioned print of a treehouse with an enticing rope ladder calling my name from the other side of the room." Or, "Don't go listening to that handcarved wooden badge of a moustached man whistling the tune of temptation." And, "No, you need no more screenprinted fabric lovingly sewn into a case the perfect size to hold your driving glasses".

Frankly, it's not working all that well. But at last weekend's Spring Fair, Brionny from Fox Bunting and I came up with a clever plan – we could do a swap. Then it wouldn't count as spending, so technically I wasn't breaking any of the rules.

And the best bit is that I got to take home this brilliant crochetdermy fox.

A cunning plan, non? Worthy of a fox.

(As a footnote, I feel obliged to admit that I may have succumbed to some other Fox Bunting wares on a previous occasion, when Brionny was at Reetsweet. Although as I wasn't exhibiting that day it doesn't really count as breaking my rule. Does it?)

 It was the Swan Print that forced pennies to leave my purse that day. 

And I'm rather partial to the foxy plates too. 

And the Mountain Cushions would look perfect on my chair. Yum. 

They're also doing a giveaway at the moment, where you can win a Crochetdermy Deer Head if you subscribe to the Fox Bunting Blog. Hmmmm, wouldn't he look smart next to his Foxy friend? He's probably missing him. I'd really be doing them both a favour by reuniting them...

This is the link to the Fox Bunting Shop. Not that I'm going there, you understand. Definitely not. My mouse is most absolutely not poised to follow the link. I know just where that plate could go though...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Coming up

I'll be here this Saturday....

And at The Crafty Fox in Brixton the Saturday after.

This fab poster is by Jimboart. Have a look at his Etsy Shop. He's very clever.   

I'll have candy bags and magic galore, so do come and say hello. 

And as if that's not reason enough to visit, the first 15 people to buy something from the Butterscotch & Beesting stall at the Crafty Fox Spring Market will also get a 15% off voucher to use in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The British Library Spring Market

So last Thursday I took part in the British Library's first-ever Spring Market. As one lovely lady told me, "You're all part of the history of the institution now." That makes it sound very big and important, and I told her I was definitely going to use that quote in all future promotion. Forever. So Butterscotch & Beesting is now officially part of British Library history. How amazing is that?

I had a brilliant, brilliant day, the sun was shining and I met some super interesting people, as well as all the other very clever makers.

I took a few snapshots of my stall, and the Buzz Films also made a video which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.

My stall

"The Tattercock Flies Over the Moon" four-colour screenprint

Another new screenprint, called 'Heidi on the Highwire' sitting in front of a lamp

Porcelain Heidi sugar bowls and a Tattercock plate

A new 30cm square 'Circus Flags' cushion

Betty Bowls and new Moon Pocket Mirror' and Roll-Up, Roll-Up Badge Packs

Magical Menagerie Magnets and the Love Potion Kit

Some sweets just sneaking into shot, including the ever-popular Bouncing Beans

And this is the film showing lots of the other makers and stalls, and a little bit of Butterscotch & Beesting too...

British Library - Spring Market from Buzz Films on Vimeo.