Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starry Starry Circus Night Lamp

I was extremely lucky to be chosen as one of the twelve winners of the British Library Spring Market Competition (here's the link) and so on Thursday I'm off to London to show my wares at their Spring Market. It's hugely exciting, and I can't quite believe I've been selected among such amazing and talented makers. It feels like a massive privilege.

I wanted to make some extra special things for the event, so I've been designing some lampshades. This one is called Starry Starry Circus Night.

It's made using a linen/cotton union blend, which shows the colours off really beautifully but retains the texture of the fabric.

The print features Betty Butterscotch on her circus rings, as well as Bumblewick Beesting, the Flying Tattercock...

... the not-really-all-that-frightening-once-you-know-him Scary Lion, the McSwirl Brothers (a troupe of highly acrobatic but infuriatingly slow performing snails), the winged hot-air balloon Betty and Bumblewick use to travel around, the ever-so egotistic Bouncing Huffhopper, and the exquisite Heidi LaLarge on her unicycle.

I've used a glass lamp base with an exposed red electric cord with the shade, because I like to think that's how it would have been done back in the days of the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus, when an electric lamp would have been a new and splendid thing indeed.

The lamp is designed to complement the Starry Starry Circus Night cushion, which you can buy in my Etsy Shop

If you can come along to the Spring Market on Thursday you'll be able to see the actual proper real thing, as well as lots of other brilliant products, including super-cool prints by Ketchup On Everything, incredible magnetic wallpaper buy Sian Zeng, beautiful yet unsettling Bone China by Phoebe Richardson, and stunning scientific-inspired jewellery by Holly Barton. 

British Library Spring Market
Thursday 1st March
9.30am until 5.30pm

British Library Plaza
96 Euston Road,
London NW1 2DB

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Paper Sculptures in Progress

If you've been to any of the Butterscotch & Beesting market stalls, you might have spotted the quite brilliant vintage paper figures that my beautiful friend Rachael gave to me. I use them all the time in my displays.

I think she found them at a boot sale, but they were made by a firm called Party Productions in Bow, East London, probably some time in Fifties or Sixties. 

They quite often pop up in my product shots too, especially the ringmaster...

Here is is introducing the Huffhopper.

I wanted to make my own versions of the figures using characters and prints from the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus, so I've been busy making some prototypes. 

This is the Tattercock, and these photos show how he's progressed from a flat paper sketch to a nearly finished 3D model. 

I'm also working on a version of the Winged Hot Air Balloon, which Betty and Bumblewick use when they need to get about. 

And I've almost finished Bumblewick in his Lion-Tamer attire, complete with podium – all he needs now is a lion! 

They will all be professionally printed, so they will look much more smart and proper than these prototypes! And they'll come already cut out, in nice packaging, with instructions on how to assemble them – although they're super simple to put together and don't even need scissors or glue. 

I'm hoping to have them all finished for the British Library Spring Market next Thursday (1st March), so you'll be able to take a bit of the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus back with you to assemble at home.   There are more details about that market here. It should be really, really good, as there are some truly talented makers showing their work. It would be lovely to see you there if you fancy popping along.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love Potion Kit

My my, how Bumblewick Beesting seems to be spreading the love of late. 

Hot on the heels of his marvellous edible Valentine Cards he would like to introduce his quite ingenious edible Magical Love Potion Kit. 

Ta da!

This rather excellent kit has all the ingredients needed to concoct a remarkably effective, albeit temporary, enchantment of the heart. It is also rather delicious.

It includes a recipe card ...

A hand-painted Picker Stick and handmade porcelain Petri Dish ... 

Jars of Moon Dust, Sakura Berries and Deepest Darkest Chocolate Drops ...

Some Essence of Butterscotch (because love would simply not be impossible without Betty Butterscotch, isn't that right, Bumblewick?) ...

Edible Queen of Hearts Playing Cards and tea bags for brewing Enchanted Forest Bark Tea.

This particular potion is concocted by dropping Butterscotch Essence on to the Sakura Berries, dipping them in melted Deepest Darkest Chocolate, and rolling in a sprinkling of Moon Dust.

These little delights are then eaten between bites of the Queen of Hearts playing card.

A cup of Enchanted Forest Bark Tea (mmm... frangipane and cherry blossom) follows the recital of a small but perfectly formed love poem.

You will be left with an ever-so nice Cherry Bakewell taste on your tongue and an intoxicating love in both your heart and the one you named in your enchantment. 

The kit even has a little pocket inside the lid to store your potion card and bits and pieces.

You really have excelled yourself Bumblewick.

You can buy your own Love Potion Kit from Bumblewick Beesting's Magical Supplies Shop 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Edible Valentine Cards

A valentine's day card you can eat. What a delightful treat. The playing card (designed by conjurer Mr Bumblewick Beesting and featuring his one true love, Miss Betty Butterscotch as the Queen of Hearts) is made from rice paper and printed with edible ink, so you can even eat it. The cards are available from the Butterscotch + Beesting Shop.

The lettering on the cards is hand-drawn and comes in two versions: 

King Of My Heart 

or Queen Of My Heart, depending on your fancy. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Day Wonderful Rosie Interviewed Me

A few weeks ago, a very talented lady indeed called Rosie got in touch with me to say she had written a piece on her blog about Butterscotch & Beesting. I read it and it nearly made me cry (far too easily done) because it felt like she totally got what I was doing and really understood the whole concept.

As if this wasn't enough loveliness, she then said could she ask me some questions for a little interview? Well, blow me down if I didn't feel mightily honoured.

So here it is. An interview with me... on Rosie's Blog.

And her shop is definitely worth a visit because it's full of brilliant handmade papercut art. Such a find. >> Rosie's Shop

Thanks Rosie.

One of Rosie's beautiful cards.