About me

This is me. My name is Camilla.

I created the world of Butterscotch and Beesting because I am utterly in love with drawing, colour, patterns and probably most of all, storytelling. So I whisked these together and Ta Da! The circus of Betty Butterscotch and Bumblewick Beesting appeared . . . as if by magic.

Apart from my imaginary circus, I also have three delicious children (I try my best not to eat them) called Nearly-Teen, Middle and Pia. These are not their real names. Apart from the last one. She is called Pia. Or sometimes Peasy. Or Pea Pie.

We share our house with two ridiculous cats, four silly rabbits and nine quiet fish . . . that last number seems to go up and down quite a bit.

My family come from Denmark, so I like to believe I can still speak Danish. I can't really. It hurts my tongue. But I do love it so. My whole childhood was full of Danish storybooks, red-and-white birthday flags and baking. Actually, it's pretty much still like that. But with added mayhem. And that's me.