Thursday, 29 September 2011


And exploding from the cannon, flying gracefully across the Big Top, plumage on parade and a broad grin on his whiskers, enters...

The Tattercock

So who is this beautiful new creature, I hear you ask (you did, didn't you?)...

Well... the Tattercock is part Tiger (t)

part Caterpillar (atter)* 

and part Peacock (cock).

This happens to make him the ideal animal cannonball. For, his Tigerness gives him a head for bravery; his caterpillar middle is perfect for crawling down the mouth of the cannon and uncurling upon exit; and his peacock tail is nothing short of captivating when opened in flight over enraptured audiences.

He was created by Solomon the Simian, in one of his many terrible sprees running around the circus waving his master's wand at any nearby creature. In this particular instance, the Tattercock resulted when a caterpillar crawling up the side of the sleeping tiger's cage and a peacock preening itself behind, were all caught in the same spell. 

Unlike most of the Magical Menagerie Muddles, though, the Tattercock is exceedingly thrilled with his new self and wishes to stay as he is. May we all give him a very warm welcome to the Butterstings Circus. Hurrah for the Tattercock!

* The extra 't' is for for clarity of pronunciation, and he is very pleased to have it there. Otherwise he would be a Tatercock (said a bit like potatocock), and that would never do.

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