Monday, 31 October 2011

A Darker Turn This Halloween...

The sort of magic practised at the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus isn't normally of the dark variety, but I make an exception for Halloween. So today two Victorian dolls mysteriously came to life, while one poor Edwardian boy-child was zombified.

As you will observe, the Littlest Doll also turned out to be a most-terribly terrifying zombie. 

The Middle Doll appeared to be made from porcelain, but with spider-like lashes.

And the Littlest Doll referenced both Pierrot and Twiggy in her costume design and make-up. Quite an achievement for one so small. 

Eventually, after hours spent chasing squirrels, the zombie became stuck in a tree... 

... so, all's well that ends well. 

The Butterscotch & Beesting Circus will resume normal carnival-style magic first thing tomorrow.

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