Monday, 16 January 2012

Nice Cushions

I love cushions. I think it's a bit of an obsession. Our house is full of them and I've been banned from buying any more. So instead I've made some... which is allowed because it's a Butterscotch & Beesting thing and that, obviously, doesn't count.

These are prototypes, and I've got a few more designs that I might try out too.

A stack of Butterscotch & Beesting cushions 
(pictured from the top 'Heidi LaLarge and the Flying Elephants', 'In the Heights of the Big Top', 'Starry Starry Circus Night' and 'Betty')

'Starry Starry Circus Night' 

The McSwirl Snails make an appearance on this cushion, alongside Heidi LaLarge and the Flying Tattercock.

'Heidi LaLarge and the Flying Elephants'

The background print I created and used on this cushion is inspired by an Art Deco pattern by Marion Dorn called Avis from 1939, which is in the V&A Collection. Unlike Marion's original, however, my pattern features flying elephants not doves. Possibly not quite as elegant, although I'm sure Heidi would beg to differ. 

Betty Butterscotch

In The Heights of the Big Top

The cushions are digitally printed on to a linen/cotton upholstery-weight fabric and have a complementary panel of plain dark grey or natural linen on the back. They all have zipper openings and duck-feather cushion pads. 

I think they're rather nice. I'll put them in my Etsy Shop very soon.


  1. Karen - Kettle of Fish16 January 2012 at 16:22

    Heck Camilla, more gorgeous stuff! They are amazing. Absolutely love the Heidi LaLarge one, that background is beautiful. You're so talented it makes me a little bit sick. ;o) x

  2. Ooooh! They are gorgeous. 'Starry Starry Circus Night' in particular is heavenly (pun intended!).

  3. Yey! So pleased other people like them too. Thank you so so much x