Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Feeling Foxy (Part Two)

This is Floyd.

He and his blue pants came into our possession at the ReetSweet Spring Market a couple of weekends ago.

We like him a lot and hope he feels at home in our house. We also hope he isn't too put off by the crochetdermy fox head that lives nearby. (That's not a look of fear in his eyes, is it?)

Floyd is made by Jen from the Darn it! Collective, who has kindly made him lots of friends. Like Freeman, Fred and Ferous. Isn't she just brilliant?

This is Jen's website. This is the Darn It! Folksy Shop.  And this is the Darn It! Etsy Shop.

I do seem too be feeling very Foxy, and also quite Crafty this week. Now why could that be?

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