Friday, 18 May 2012

Thrifty Gifty

Last weekend Middle was invited to another birthday party. I sensed her despair at having to give something handmade yet again, but I stubbornly refused to pay for any more plastic pieces of future landfill. So, in an attempt to be thrifty but still give her friend something special, I made a mini sewing kit using bits and pieces that I had collected.

I cut out fabric squares, ironed them and put them in a cello wrapper tied with a paper label.

Then I collected some nice bits of ribbons and trims...

...made her a mini needle and pin case...  

... and put some vintage buttons in a wooden box. 

 I also popped in a plain felt bag for her to decorate.

It was all parcelled up in a nice brown paper bag and tied with a ribbon. However, just as we gave it to her, she opened another present: a tin of gold Moshi Monsters. I fear our parcel of thrifty loveliness may have been lost in a sea of metallic Moshis. Still, I think it was nice.


  1. I think it's great! Carry on doing things like this. It's so lovely. I am always making or sewing things for Christams and birthdays. I bet people are starting to get fed Up!! Hope you are well!

  2. Awesome present with lots of attention to detail. I'd love it! Any inspiration for doing the same hand made thing for boys?

  3. What a lovely idea and I completely agree about the 'plastic crap' - there are so many lovely gifts these days that encourage children to make their own.

    Nina xxx

  4. I always have that mild panic that people are going to get fed up with more handmade presents too, but I'm not giving up yet! I'm also working on a thrifty gift idea for boys especially for you, Rosie. I've run it past K, who's 11, and it's been given his approval (which isn't easy to earn), so I'll make it soon and then post it on here.