Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Apartment Therapy therapy

There are many nights when, feeling snowed under with to-do lists, I think I'll settle my rising panic with a little Pinterest therapy before knuckling down to costings, emails and spreadsheets. Once I'm logged on though, all sense of time seemingly vanishes and I get drawn into board after board and ream after ream of beautiful studios / houses / gardens / shelves / illustrations / posters / books / objects / and oh-so-many wonderful staircases.

On one of my Pinterest distraction nights I discovered the Apartment Therapy blog. I wonder what percentage of the pins showing super-stylish rooms, furniture and spaces on Pinterest originate from The Apartment Therapy blog? I could happily wander about AT's home and studio tours for days and weeks and years. These are a few of my favourites:

Meg's Room for Three (how brilliant is the column of masks?)

I love flicking through their 'Before and After' posts too, although oddly I think the before pics sometimes look better than the after. Maybe that's part of their appeal – the joy of clicking through to see if the finished result is better or worse than before?

Bearing this all in mind, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this Apartment Therapy post called Vintage Circus Style: Nostalgia + Mystery. Right up my bunting-lined street, I thought. But hang on one darn-ticking minute, as Mr Beesting would say, isn't that my Circus Carousel Lampshade standing proudly among other circus designs under the banner, 'Best of Etsy'?? Er, yes, yes, yes, it is indeed! How immensely exciting!

Thank you Apartment Therapy for making my day ♥♥♥


  1. Well let me be the first to say a massive "WOOP!" Lorks, how exciting xx