Thursday, 19 September 2013

Six months in bullets

Hello September. How did you get here?

Since March, life has been flying by. This is the way it went . . .

• Got a job at Folksy putting together their summer school
• Took Butterscotch & Beesting to Pulse
• Picked up lots of lovely new stockists
• Felt very happy
• Started work on orders
• Got behind
• Started wondering how 280 people, 28 speakers and 450 ice-creams could all fit into a small centre in the woods
• Started to panic
• Remembered I had three children
• Panicked more
• Abandoned my blog and my sanity
• Worked every hour in the day and every hour never meant to fit into a day
• Was a bad friend
• Was a bad wife
• Was a bad mother
• Was a bad business woman
• Ate chocolate
• Ate lots more chocolate
• Found an email from Liberty's in my inbox
• Comforted my husband as his company collapsed
• Wondered how to feed children, cats, rabbits and fish on cushions and lampshades
• Was featured in Mollie Makes (and forgot to tell anyone about it)
• Ran out of Lady Grey tea
• Cried
• Pulled myself together
• Fell apart
• Thanked the heavens for the wonder that is Siansbury's
• Loved the summer sunshine
• Fell in love with Lena Dunham
• Had a v. important meeting with John Lewis
• Visited the woods and watched the Folksy classroom tent go up
• Realised the classroom was the wrong size . . .
• . . . and looked like a bad wedding with dirty sheets and wonky chandeliers
• Formed an emergency action plan with Siansbury's involving extra tentage, paper pompoms and lots and lots of cotton sheeting
• Learned everything looks fine once strung with yarnbombed tassels
• Fell in love with Kerry
• Got two hours' sleep
• Felt sick
• Watched people arriving through the trees
• Had a mini heart attack (not really)
• Heard rumours of a power cut
• Hid
• Saw people smiling and not even one person shouting at me
• Came out of hiding
• Shared a strawberry mivvi with my design heroes Mini Moderns
• Sniggered like a schoolgirl with Tilly
• Sat around an (unofficial) campfire under the stars started by Mellorware
• Got carried around by Kerry
• Slept
• Had one of the best weekends of my life
• Shared a hot chocolate on a tree trunk with one of the loveliest people I've met, Lapin Blu
• Heard myself tell Doug Richard I was really pleased he was a vegan
• Why? Why? Why?
• Slept
• Enjoyed the sunshine
• Lost Otto
• Found Otto and looked on as he lost all ability to walk or eat
• Wondered how to pay the vet bills
• Cried
• Brought Otto home and couldn't believe we had him back
• Sewed, printed and made
• Was featured in Mollie Makes. Again. Twice in the one issue. (And forgot to tell anyone about it)
• Sat next to Pia as she flew above the clouds in an aeroplane for the very first time
• Spent 10 days in the sunshine with very special friends
• Watched Pia become best friends with Rosa the dog
• Hugged my son as he struggled with growing up
• Listened as he screamed that he hated me
• Learned that me finding a grasshopper isn't quite as exciting as Middle finding a Praying Mantis
• Flew home in a cloud-free sky
• Realised Otto was missing
• Watched as Middle hoped and made posters
• Had a phone call
• Felt my heart break in two
• Heard my daughter's heart break
• Dressed Pia in a school uniform for the first time
• Wondered how it is that you can be only four years and two-weeks old and be at school
• Started my new job writing, blogging, and tweeting for Folksy
• Felt very lucky
• Learned that it's ok to be me and not pretend to be someone else . . .
• . . . and that everything's going to be ok . . .
• . . . and that bright blue tights worn with red shoes make every day a bit more sunny.


  1. Long list!

    As a lady it is difficult to juggle supporting a family and supporting our own interests. Don't feel guilty for pursuing a dream of your own. Your daughter/s need to see that.

    1. I really hope so, Rowan. They've been incredible all the way through. x

  2. The best blog post I have ever read. Genuinely. I laughed, I gasped, I hid behind the sofa and then I cried some big tears. You're amazing xxx

    1. Ha! It can't possibly be, but it's nice that you'd pretend it was so xxx

  3. Love you! You absolutely rock Mrs.. and I'd love to come up there hug ya and take you out for a drink.. xxxx

    1. Right back 'atcha, Lou. And a drink sounds very very good xx

  4. I feel exhausted and in awe that you've managed to write down that huge list, let alone do it all! Well done you, keep it going, it sounds bumpy yet exciting x

    1. I'm starting to feel very bad for inflicting that list on people. I'm very impressed you made it all the way through to the bottom! Sorry xxxx

  5. Drat, I thought I replied to this yesterday. I can't remember what I wrote but I'm just here to agree with anyone who says you're amazing because I saw you and you were/are a superhero. I'm reet good at commenting, me. x

    1. I'd rather be your sidekick, Super Siansbury's x

  6.'re on my hug list lady xxx

    1. Exactly where I'd most want to be, Sarah-Lou xx