Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A sneak peek under the Big Top Canvas

Look what Bumblewick Beesting has been brewing...

Bumblewick's Magical Potion Kit...

 With Four Potion Recipe Cards

A Conical Flask with Swirling Sticks

A Bottle of (Quite Possibly Authentic) Unicorn Tears...

Violet Carnation Petals (essential in many a magical potion)...

Deep Sea Pearls and (totally edible) Extracts...

And even a Dispensing Bottle, among lots of other magical delights

Coming very soon to the Butterscotch & Beesting Shop


  1. It all looks really, really lovely!
    Love the style of it all :)

  2. These look fantastic! Evoke images of old fashioned apothecaries run by types just like Bumblewick!