Thursday, 8 December 2011

Magical Menagerie Badges

Ooh that dastardly monkey. It seems he simply can't keep his wand in his pocket.

Look what's he's made now...

A Squeacock 
Squirrel (Sq), Seahorse (ea) and Peacock (cock)
To be honest, she is feeling rather prickly about the whole thing.

A Fleabit
Flamingo (Fl), Peacock (ea) and Rabbit (bit). 
While immensely beautiful, he fears his current guise is not altogether as masculine as one might hope.

A Master
 Meercat (M), Rabbit (a) and Rooster (ster)
Who seems oddly oblivious to his transformed state (he's quite possibly been too busy looking out for danger to notice).

A Froocan
 Frog (Fr), Rooster (oo) and Toucan (can). 
Although the Froocan is very much enjoying wallowing in the sympathy of all at the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus, he is secretly rather pleased with his new look, and has also discovered a fondness of flying. While Betty Butterscotch has on several occasions offered him a spot of her special Antidote, he has so far refused and she is beginning suspect he may be quite content to stay this way...

All these Magical Menagerie badges are now available in the Butterscotch & Beesting Shop.

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