Sunday, 18 December 2011

Spitalfields Designers & Makers Christmas Market

A few (well quite a few) photos from the Designers & Makers Christmas Market on Saturday 17th December 2011 in London. I'll be there again in 2012 on Saturday 21st April and 16th June (although that seems an extraordinarily long way away).

 The Butterscotch & Beesting Stall

 And again.

 And again. From a different angle though. 

Some of my new digitally-printed cushions hanging on a drying rack.

New earrings, silver-plated necklaces and a few brooches.

 Jewellery, ceramics and Betty Butterscotch's Fizzy Wizzibees, which old sold out again – yey!

A Heidi LaLarge Sweetie-Day Bag with ceramics and potion bottles behind, all sitting on a lovely shelf I picked up on Abbeydale Road.

Lovely Betty in a new porcelain bowl, handmade by me and fired with a clear glaze to let the creamy hue of the clay shine through.

A little handmade porcelain sugar bowl featuring Heidi LaLarge circling the tightrope.

Small corked decanter bottles with a paper Bumblewick Beesting Magical Supplies label for your own magical scribblings, sold singly now too, as requested by a 12-year-old boy I met at Kelham Island Victorian Market.  

A Magical Potion Kit and individual potion recipe cards hanging behind. 

Magical Menagerie Magnets and cushions. 

More shots of the cushions featuring Butterscotch & Beesting characters.

I think these two are my favourite.

  Courage T-shirts and sweeties.

A super cool FigFig2 dress hanging next to my stall.

 A FigFig2 top.

 More FigFig2. Love the spine vest, and the ceramics.

FigFig2 jewellery. 

FigFig2 is my sister's range (she's called Sue Westergaard). She started the original Fig Fig brand in the mid-80s with Paul Adams, and sold her printed tees and other garments at Greenwich market and through shops nationwide. The designs were collaged and reworked from Victorian engravings, Fifties magazines and encyclopedia illustrations, and manipulated into surreal instructional diagrams, like how to dive from a fish.  Last year, Sue's godson Gabriel started to wear the original t-shirts when he went out gigging and got loads of compliments, first from friends and then from strangers too. Sue decided it might be time to re-invent the brand. Some of the new garments use the original designers, and there are new ones mixed in there too. You can read more about FigFig2 on her Facebook page here. I'm totally in awe of her work, its originality, wit and composition, and I'm so pleased it's here again. 

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