Friday, 27 April 2012

Toy Thunderbirds and an Elf

Today was not the best day I've ever had and I'm feeling a bit sad. Not really really sad, just a little bit like I want to go to bed and read my book under the covers while wearing socks and secretly eating pistachio and marzipan truffles.

To pep myself up I looked through my photos of last weekend when I went to stay with my sister in London. I love her house. I love the way she puts things together and how she displays all the odd treasures she's collected.

I thought she'd probably have something to make me feel better, and she did.

This is it...

"Sadly the Thunderbirds arrived too late to save the elf"

There's probably a better caption than that, so post it below and the person who invents the best one will receive the honour of knowing they're the best at making up captions for toy thunderbirds investigating bookmarks made of elves' feet.

PS. The bookmarks are made by Olena Mysnyk in Kiev and you can get your own book feet from her MyBookMark shop on Etsy.


  1. Here are some of the suggestions I've had so far, courtesy of friends from my previous life as a sub-editor. See, I knew it had potential.

    "I knew Ronald McDonald nicked my Nike Airs"

    'I told you this bookcase was an elf and safety risk.'

    "See, you just don't get these problems with Kindles"

    "Virgil was rubbish at hide and seek."

    "Affirmative Virgil, the wicked old witch at last is dead, ding dong."

    "With hindsight, the Navy Seals felt they perhaps should have located Bin Laden sooner"

    "These elfy eating books are a menace," said Virgil, before tucking into a nice bucket of lard.

    "One pull for yes, two for no?"

    "HarperCollins would do anything to stand out in Waterstone's"

    "Bugger me, Virgil. Why would anyone use an elf as a bookmark?"

    "We always said his love of merchandise CD-ROMs would be the death of him"

  2. What's this about Pistachio marzipan truffles. Sometimes we all need to stay in bed and eat choc xx

    1. Especially under the covers. I ate my very last three yesterday, so I'll be coming in to restock later. My house feels empty without them (apart from the rabbits, cats, children, husband and fish).