Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vote for Bumblewick!

Bumblewick Beesting is feeling very pleased today. His Magical Potion Kit has been nominated for the Handmade Olympics 2012. What an honour, Mr Beesting.

While it's rather marvellous even to be nominated (and we have the lovely Rosie and the Boys to thank ever so much for that), he'd be proud as punch if he got a spot on the medals table.

His potion kit is in the "Favourite Handmade Goodie That's Fun!" category.

So now he's counting on you to make his day and vote for him. As you can see, Heidi LaLarge has already cast her vote and is busy parading her "Vote for Bumblewick" flag around the circus.

To vote, all you have to do is...

1. Go to Event 6 on the Handmade Olympics Page
2. Scroll down and vote for 'magic potion kit'.

That's it.

While you're there you could also vote in the other categories, and browse around the amazing finds people have nominated.

☛   ☛   ☛   ☛    ☛   ☛    ☛   ☛   ☛   ☛   ☛    ☛   ☛   ☛   ☛

In case you're not familiar with Bumblewick's Magic Set. This is it...

Bumblewick's Magical Potion Kit

You can read more about it in my Etsy Shop. But in a nutshell, it's a very special box filled with all the ingredients and equipment you need to brew your own drinkable magic potions. It even comes with a mini pestle and mortar, as well as swirling sticks, a sieve, a glass conical flask and a glass beaker. The recipe cards tell you everything you need to be able to brew 'Courage Tonic', 'Shrinking Solution', 'Bouncing Liquid' and 'Blue Blood Oil' (which is particularly useful if you are a prince who finds himself in the unfortunate situation of having been transformed into a frog and is required to prove his royal credentials, or equally if you are a princess keen to avoid another night sleeping on a pea).

The competition closes this Friday (27th April), so you'll have to be quick. 

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