Monday, 4 June 2012

In Honour of Her Majesty... Jess Quinn

I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Jess Quinn's work. I think her shop was my very first 'favourite' on Etsy when I started up last year, her blog is full of totally awe-inspiring photographs and illustrations, and I've generally been obsessing about her amazing work ever since. Then, this week I saw her Jubilee Brooch in her Etsy shop and I got very excited indeed. I'm not really sure what's come over me this Jubilee, but I feel almost giddy with royalism, which is very peculiar, especially since I was brought up in an anti-Monarchist household with a Marxist sociologist father. I'm hoping it's just an aesthetic thing and that it's temporary, otherwise I may well be disowned.

Anyway, I showed Jess's cameo brooch to my girls and they got very excited too. So in honour of her brilliance, we decided to make our own odes to Queen Jess (not Bess). While the Flotilla floated in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon, Middle drew pictures of Elizabeth circa her coronation in 1952, and then helped me stitch them together on to a felt and lace backing. Being two, Pia's struggled to draw an exact likeness, although she did draw a fabulous crown, so to help Middle drew her sister's picture too.

They're not a patch on the original, but the girls are very pleased with their Quinn-inspired creations, and they're looking forward to wearing them at a Jubilee wedding tomorrow.

So thank you, Jess Quinn, you are an inspiration!  We salute you!


  1. Wow Camilla, I am honoured indeed, what a wonderful tribute, I'm feeling a little tearful, your girls brooches are beautiful, I love their drawings, my girls are away this weekend but I'm going to show them this as soon as they are home.

    Thank you for your lovely lovely words of encouragement, and enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend.

    I was also wondering about my own Jubilee excitement, socialist household also, American mother, Fathers side Irish and Austrian! But the aesthetics are great, we could always go with a bit of Vivienne Westwood punk Anarchy if challenged!!

  2. These are really fantastic - I'm so impressed, usually projects like this get started but never finished in my house!

  3. Love these! Have just been catching up on all your blog posts- loving all your posts very much. Hope you're having a good weekend xx

  4. they are amazingly beautifull, what a talent for drawing
    Jess quinn her work is indeed very inspirational and so is yours
    I'm really enjoy reading your posts