Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sugar and Nice

I had a visit from a photographer last week, who took new shots of my sweets.

Here are some of the best bits...

bonbons, rainbow, rainbow candy, super sour, sweets, confectionery

humbugs, mint, striped candy, circus, candy stripes, sweets, elephant, elephant on unicycle, penny farthing,confectionery

fudge ice, coconut, coconut shy, coconut fudge ice, striped candy, circus, candy stripes, sweets, confectionery

jelly beans, bouncing beans, magic sweets, circus tent, kangaroo, hippo, illustration, striped candy, circus, candy stripes, sweets, confectionery
sherbet pips, red white and blue, candy, antidote, meercat, illustration, remedy, magic sweets, potion, circus, sweets, confectionery

fortune teling fish, circus, confectionery, sweets, crystal ball, fish, stripes, candy stripes, fortune teller, illustration, carnival

flying tiger, caterpillar, peacock illustration, creature cannonball, flying cannonball, circus, candy stripes, aniseed balls

The photographer was Ian Gracey, and he was here for a mammoth seven hours. That shows commitment. I'm thinking of getting him back to take some shots of my prints and new wooden badges, but I'm afraid the poor fellow might be sick of the sight of my studio. Maybe I'll give him time to recover first? 

I've also made a new board on Pinterest especially dedicated to sweets and niceties. You can find it over here along with my other boards >>>>>>>>

And finally, you can now find Betty and Co. over at From the Wilde. We're super proud to be part of their collection, so please come over and say hello.

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