Friday, 3 August 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Headdresses

As you may have guessed, my family and I will take any excuse we're given to dress up. Actually not my husband, and not really the nearly-teen anymore. So if I'm being totally honest, it's just me and the girls. But we really do like it a lot.

Yesterday Middle spent the entire day in her Goldilocks dress. This was the dress she asked me to sew when she was still in reception class at school, so she could be Goldilocks for World Book Day. 

goldilocks dress, red polka dots, corsage,

She'd just read Lauren Child's Goldilocks & The Three Bears story, which is utterly wonderful and leaves me longing to move into their beautiful little bear cottage in the woods and stand my umbrella next to theirs by their mint-green seater in their sky-blue painted hallway. The attention to detail is spell-binding: the furniture was built by hand, the wallpaper and curtains in the bears' cottage was specially printed and features original patterns, and the walls are graced with miniature paintings – it says on the sleeve notes that even the porridge is real.

Lauren Child, Polly Borland, Emily Jenkins, ladybirds, three bears, Goldilocks
Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Lauren Child, Polly Borland and Emily Jenkins
Published by Puffin

Although I totally supported Middle's Goldilocks dress-up-decision, it was made the very day before World Book Day. I gave her my best "why-don't-you-be-a-pirate-from-Treasure-Island-in-ripped-jeans-and-scarves-instead" suggestion (with its "because-that's-sooooo-much-easier" subtext), but that was poo-pooed. So like a good mother (or mother of a child who is astonishingly stubborn and mother who knows when she is defeated), I nipped to John Lewis, swapped all my pennies for a metre-and-a-half of Cath Kidston polka dots and spent most of the night cursing my slow sewing skills. It's not an exact replica of Goldilocks' but it was near enough to please a four-year-old. Middle is now on the cusp of turning seven and she can still squeeze into it, which is lucky because after making me stay up all night to sew it she will be wearing it until the day she leaves home.

Anyway, I've totally lost my point. Which was supposed to be that I've made three new headdresses in case anyone out there likes dressing up too. They're equally nice for those who just fancy adorning their head with a few feathers now and then. 

headdress, hair accessory, feathers, triangles, vintage ric-rac

headdress, hair accessory, feathers, triangles, vintage ric-rac

headdress, hair accessory, feathers, triangles, vintage ric-rac

They're for sale in my Etsy Shop if you want to be an adventurer or pirate for the day. 
Or if you happen to know three bears in need of headwear...

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