Sunday, 19 August 2012

Little Green Shed

One of my absolute favourite blogs is Little Green Shed by the quite utterly brilliant Lou Archell.

Everything I read on her blog makes me sigh out loud with joy. And she blogs practically daily. Yep, almost every single day there is in the week a new ray of sunshine will appear on her blog, telling me about her latest beautiful find, or picturing flowers in the home, or a new magazine I immediately feel drawn to reading, or a designer/maker I haven't come across before, or the new blue colour on her wall (which incidentally, I think is perfection). Even when she goes on holiday and warns her readers she'll be taking a break from her blog, posts still appear as if by magic. How does she do that? Over here in my house, there are some days when I don't even manage to feed the cats (until they crawl up my legs in desperation around lunchtime), let alone get my head around blogging.

And how does she do that while also making her own wonderful prints that she sells in the Little Green Shed Etsy Shop ...

Little Green Shed

... and design postcards you just have to send ...

Little Green Shed, leaves, postcard

... and have an achingly beautiful home ...

Little Green Shed

... and bring up two boys ...

... and have an allotment ...

... with a little green shed?

Maybe it IS magic?

However she does it, I think she deserves an enormously big thank you for finding joy in the everyday, every day.


  1. definitely magic. no logical explanation for sure! x

  2. What a lovely post. Lou is very brilliant. And still finds time to be nice to everyone too!