Monday, 29 October 2012

Boys' Craft Club at The Art Market

Things have been a little crazy here recently. So many new things are happening, products have been redesigned, prints have been made, and orders have been shipping out to far-flung (and not so far-flung) corners ...

Among all the mayhem, my poor blog has been a sorry victim. Even though it had so many things it wanted to tell you. It kept nudging me, reminding me to add some words and pictures to its pages. But in response, it just got a "Not Now, Bernard". I wonder if it is actually called Bernard? Bernard the Blog.

Anyway ... the first thing it wanted to tell you is that I will be at the Art Market in Holmfirth this weekend. I've only done the Art Market once before, but it was fantastic and I met some incredibly talented people there, including Tamsin Fazan and her multicolour lampshades. If I get a chance to look around this time, there are a few things on my must-see list, including Jonathan Wilkinson's new We Live Here prints, and his classic open editions like Roxy Disco which has almost legendary status in Sheffield – the print just as much as the club itself.

 Battersea Power Station by We Live Here

Roxy Disco by We Live Here

At the last Art Market I was blown away by Vinegar & Brown Paper. This time they're doing the weekend after, so I won't have a chance to see them, but I wanted to show you because I love the story behind the brand. It's created by the mind and hand of Andy Poplar, who apparently had an award-winning career in advertising, before the industry burnt him out and he quit to set up on his own. I'm so glad he did. He now etches ideas and slogans on to various bits of beautiful vintage glassware: vessels / bottles / mirrors / sweet jars (can I have one, please, please, please?). The way he combines graphics, typography and language on his pieces is incredibly clever. He might have left advertising, but the voice of a very smart and witty copywriter still runs strongly through his work. There's more on his Pinterest boards too.

Today Will Be Better Mirror by Vinegar & Brown Paper

These Are Mint sweet jar and The Cream Will Always Rise to the Top milk bottle by Vinegar & Brown Paper

I'm sensing there is a masculine edge to the things I've picked out. So to round up this apparent boy's craft club, my old friend James Green (he's not actually old) will be there too. He knows that I love this print, and that I pine after it constantly. Still, this post has given me the perfect excuse to talk about it again. Thank you Bernard for allowing me show it to everyone once more. It's so good, isn't it?

Whitby linocut by James Green

The Art Market is on this weekend in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, with a preview night on Saturday 3 November from 8pm-10pm, and 10am - 4pm on Sunday. Show Two is the weekend after, on Saturday 10 November and Sunday 11 November, same time and same place. 


  1. Hope you have fun at the art market! Thanks for the link to James, I have just started doing some sample prints with lino today, and its not often I find someone using lino rather than screen or digital, his work is great!

    1. I love digital and screenprints too, but I think one of the things that makes linocuts so different is that you see the mark of the maker in a way you don't get with all other methods. Another boy crafter who does lino is LinoCutBoy (funnily enough). This is his shop

  2. Thanks for that, LinoCutBoy looks great I love the dinosaurs he's made! Yes, I know what you mean, I enjoy screenprinting too, but I love the mark and texture you can get with lino prints!

  3. Also, I dont know if its just the computer Im on now (at uni) but Im using internet explorer and the text shows up weirdly on your blog, theres dots missing out of the letters making it hard to read. Just thought Id let you know, though it could just be that these computers are so old!