Saturday, 6 October 2012

Magical Menagerie Magnets

OOooOOooOOooh . . . there are new creatures in the Magical Menagerie. How very exciting.

Please give a warm Butterscotch & Beesting welcome to the Ostrich, Kingfisher, Hippopotamus and Grasshopper. As you can imagine, troublesome monkey Solomon the Simian has already had despicable amounts of fun casting magical spells over the new arrivals.

So far Simian has used his (stolen) wand to muddle up all the unsuspecting arrivals, and created an Ostrosher (ostrich + fox + kingfisher) // a Grasshikat (grasshopper + kingfisher + meerkat) // a Kingfocan ( kingfisher + fox + toucan) // a Squooper (squirrel + rooster + grasshopper) // and a Hippelipus (hippo + pelican + platypus).

Bad monkey.

If you want to help the poor creatures and restore them to their original features, the magnet sets are available here >>

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