Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love Potion Kit

My my, how Bumblewick Beesting seems to be spreading the love of late. 

Hot on the heels of his marvellous edible Valentine Cards he would like to introduce his quite ingenious edible Magical Love Potion Kit. 

Ta da!

This rather excellent kit has all the ingredients needed to concoct a remarkably effective, albeit temporary, enchantment of the heart. It is also rather delicious.

It includes a recipe card ...

A hand-painted Picker Stick and handmade porcelain Petri Dish ... 

Jars of Moon Dust, Sakura Berries and Deepest Darkest Chocolate Drops ...

Some Essence of Butterscotch (because love would simply not be impossible without Betty Butterscotch, isn't that right, Bumblewick?) ...

Edible Queen of Hearts Playing Cards and tea bags for brewing Enchanted Forest Bark Tea.

This particular potion is concocted by dropping Butterscotch Essence on to the Sakura Berries, dipping them in melted Deepest Darkest Chocolate, and rolling in a sprinkling of Moon Dust.

These little delights are then eaten between bites of the Queen of Hearts playing card.

A cup of Enchanted Forest Bark Tea (mmm... frangipane and cherry blossom) follows the recital of a small but perfectly formed love poem.

You will be left with an ever-so nice Cherry Bakewell taste on your tongue and an intoxicating love in both your heart and the one you named in your enchantment. 

The kit even has a little pocket inside the lid to store your potion card and bits and pieces.

You really have excelled yourself Bumblewick.

You can buy your own Love Potion Kit from Bumblewick Beesting's Magical Supplies Shop 

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