Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starry Starry Circus Night Lamp

I was extremely lucky to be chosen as one of the twelve winners of the British Library Spring Market Competition (here's the link) and so on Thursday I'm off to London to show my wares at their Spring Market. It's hugely exciting, and I can't quite believe I've been selected among such amazing and talented makers. It feels like a massive privilege.

I wanted to make some extra special things for the event, so I've been designing some lampshades. This one is called Starry Starry Circus Night.

It's made using a linen/cotton union blend, which shows the colours off really beautifully but retains the texture of the fabric.

The print features Betty Butterscotch on her circus rings, as well as Bumblewick Beesting, the Flying Tattercock...

... the not-really-all-that-frightening-once-you-know-him Scary Lion, the McSwirl Brothers (a troupe of highly acrobatic but infuriatingly slow performing snails), the winged hot-air balloon Betty and Bumblewick use to travel around, the ever-so egotistic Bouncing Huffhopper, and the exquisite Heidi LaLarge on her unicycle.

I've used a glass lamp base with an exposed red electric cord with the shade, because I like to think that's how it would have been done back in the days of the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus, when an electric lamp would have been a new and splendid thing indeed.

The lamp is designed to complement the Starry Starry Circus Night cushion, which you can buy in my Etsy Shop

If you can come along to the Spring Market on Thursday you'll be able to see the actual proper real thing, as well as lots of other brilliant products, including super-cool prints by Ketchup On Everything, incredible magnetic wallpaper buy Sian Zeng, beautiful yet unsettling Bone China by Phoebe Richardson, and stunning scientific-inspired jewellery by Holly Barton. 

British Library Spring Market
Thursday 1st March
9.30am until 5.30pm

British Library Plaza
96 Euston Road,
London NW1 2DB

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