Monday, 10 September 2012

A cardboard skyscraper

I promised to reveal our cardboard skyscraper which was the very last thing we did from our 44 Things to Do This Summer List.

Sadly this one isn't ours...

This is our inspiration: The Sky Is Falling (Henry Penny's Lament) by Australian artist Annalise Rees. Isn't it wonderful and totally magical? 

I first found it on one of Petit Poulou's Pinterest boards, and I immediately wanted to shrink in size and move in. I think I would be torn though between living in the apartment with the balconies and the pitched-roof house with the higgledy-piggledy staircase.

Annalise's sculpture reminds me of the cities you find in children's books, and childhood dreams of skyscrapers that go up and up and up forever, actually reaching the sky and scraping the clouds. It also reminds me a bit of the book Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty and the quite brilliant illustrator David Roberts –  I imagine it's the kind of building Iggy would design.

On one of the last days before school started again, me and the girls collected as many cardboard boxes as we could find, gathered bits of fabric to fashion into rugs and blankets, searched for paperclips to twist and turn into furniture, and embarked on our own tree-scraper (we grudgingly accepted it wouldn't be tall enough to reach the sky). Nearly-Teen was squirrelled away in his room animating and far to busy to be involved. We missed him.

This is what we built.

(Sorry about the grainy photos and smudge-stained carpet.)

And here are the girls fitting it out...

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