Thursday, 6 September 2012

Silly birds and circus tape

There's a moment that comes when I've designed something new, and after days or weeks spent in anticipation waiting for it to arrive, the doorbell rings. Sometimes it's just a car someone locking their car on our street, which for some reason triggers our doorbell, but sometimes it's a courier carrying a big box. That's the moment. The one before I slice open the parcel tape holding the lid shut, and I see what I've made.

This is what was in my box.

The first tape is called 'Silly Birds' and the other one is just called 'Circus'. I am totally in love with them. I shall be smothering every surface with yards and yards of both.

They're not in my shop yet, but I will be selling them at the Saltaire Makers' Fair this Saturday (8 September.

The weekend after they (and me) will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in London at the Truman Brewery (15 +16 September). I'm very excited as I'll be sharing a stall with one of my all-time crafting heroes, Jess Quinn.

And then... I'll be at the Pretty Dandy Flea in Nottingham on 29 September.

So many exciting places to go and faces to see....


  1. They're just brilliant! Wow, that's exciting you're sharing a stall with your (and mine) hero, Jess at Renegade. Have a great time x

  2. I follow your blog via email so normally I am very bad and don't come on here and comment, but I just had to about your beautiful tape. As soon as they are in your shops, I know I will be snapping, snipping and sticking them up straight away. I can't decide which one is my favourite so I'll have to say both....

  3. These are great - love them! Hope the fairs go well. :)

  4. I love your work, iv got a bit of an obsession with old vintage circus and carnival designs. Looking forward to seeing your stall at the Pretty Dandy Market this weekend! :)