Monday, 24 September 2012

Rainy-day baking

My sister came to visit us yesterday and since then it hasn't stopped raining. Every time we stepped out of the door it felt like someone tipped a bucket of water over our heads. So we turned on the radiators, hung our wet socks up to dry and took out the jigsaw puzzles. After the fifth puzzle, we wondered if a batch of chocolate brownies might banish the rain-sodden blues.

I wanted to make celebration brownies from an ever-so-delicious London Bakes recipe (just one of 11 brownies recipes on my favourite food blog ... which is quite possibly why it's my favourite). We were all out of Celebrations though and someone had eaten the last Mars Bar, so we used digestive biscuits and raspberries from my mum's allotment instead.*

* I know that adding fruit to baking doesn't really make it healthy, but even the hint that it's there makes me feel so much better when I've eaten my own body size in cake.

We measured, mixed, cracked eggs, sifted, licked and washed up in our steamy yellow and grey kitchen. And it didn't stop raining once.

PS. These are my sister's photos. Not mine. I was too busy licking the bowl and thinking about raspberries to reach for my camera.

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