Wednesday, 23 January 2013

British Library Spring Festival 2013

This time last year I was getting ready for the British Library Spring Festival. Winning their competition was a huge boost for me and probably the first big outing for Butterscotch & Beesting. You might be able to spy me in this video. (I'm still not sure how they persuaded me to come out from my hiding place and put me in front of the camera.)

The second Spring Festival is coming up, and it's open to all designers/makers who've used the British Library or their Business & IP Centre (even just reading books there counts). If you win, you get a stall in their plaza, lots of press, a free workshop on how to market yourself, plus your work will be featured on the British Library website. If you can enter, do, do, do  – I really can't recommend it enough. The closing deadline is midnight this Sunday (27th January), so you'll need to be quick. Here's the application form.

If you can't enter this year, have a look at what else the British Library offers, as they have incredible resources for creative businesses, plus you get to pick the brains of the wonderful Fran Taylor, their marketing manager for creative industries. She's full of wisdom and hugely supportive of people trying to make a living from doing creative things. And best of all, most of their workshops and events are free.


One of my best bits of last year was meeting the other designers at the Spring Market, like Kay from Ketchup on EverythingPheobe RichardsonKethi Copeland, Sarah Cole from Cole of London, Holly Barton from hb-design and Sian Zeng. Thanks for all the support and inspiration xx

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