Thursday, 10 January 2013

Teatime at the Circus

Like me, the inhabitants of the Butterscotch + Beesting Circus are partial to a spot of afternoon tea.
Betty's favourite is a layered vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and elderflower custard.
Bumblewick prefers to keep it simple with a gingernut.
The Tattercock rarely says no to a slice of treacly parkin.
And Wilhelmina finds it hard to resist a macaroon.

Their affection for the afternoon tea tradition persuaded me to make them an appropriately fine and circusy tea set.

'Teatime at the Circus' is designed to sit together as a trio, one on top of the other, with the illustrations beginning on the cake plate, continuing on the saucer and leading up the tea cup. 

The cake plates and saucers are decorated with hand-drawn circus tents, triangular flags and magical strobes that have then been digitally coloured in delicious shades of yellow, coral, mint, teal and jade. There are four different cake plates in the collection, decorated with the same patterns but in various colour combinations. So at a tea party of four, each guest could delight in their very own plate. Oh, what fun!

The teacup is decorated with a silly bird riding a trapeze accompanied by neon strobes of magic shooting down from the sky (an everyday occurrence in the Butterscotch + Beesting Circus). The back of the teacup is decorated with a triangular cloud of raindrops.

The tea trios use the very finest bone china (made in Stoke), which gives them a beautiful translucent creamy finish. They're still an incredibly limited edition - - - I only have four sets. I promise I will be making more though, as soon as I can sneak them into my mum's kiln.

Teatime at the Circus is available either as a full trio ( cup + saucer + cake plate)
or as a cup + saucer duo
or as individual cake plates.

You'll find the whole collection in my Etsy Shop.

PS. The photographs are by India Hobson. She's wonderful.
Her website is a treasure trove of beauty.
Have a look at her 'Revealing Craft' series.
I have serious studio envy.


  1. Love them Camilla.. so fruity! x

  2. Oooh lovely. Shame you're not nearer otherwise you could sneak them into my kiln. May I pick your brains about where you got the firable decals made - I want to look into getting some glass ones made. But it's also fine if you prefer to keep your cards close to your chest :)

    1. Of course that's fine. I've sent you an email containing all my wise wisdom xxxx

  3. Beautiful blog Please check out mine taken the new year to start a new blog!x x x

    1. Thanks heaps, Alexa. I have absolutely checked yours out and signed up. It's fab. x

  4. these are incredible, love them! xx

    1. Gosh, thanks ever so much Fritha. (Huge fan of your blog btw) x