Monday, 7 January 2013

Fabulous Flags Calendar Tutorial

I'm excited about this year. I'm hoping it's going to be a good one.
And to celebrate the start of 2013, I've made you a little something.
It's a Butterscotch & Beesting fabulous flags calendar and it's totally ✸ free ✸ from me to you.

free calendar download, calendar tutorial

It's super easy to make.
If you happen to have an A3 printer, you can make a big one.
If not, don't worry, you can still make a mini one.

calendar, freebie, giveaway


> printable template
> 13 sheets of medium-weight paper (A3 or A4) - - - - I used Daler Rowney 180gsm Cartridge Paper
> a printer
> craft knife or scissors
> ruler


1. download and print the template.
(adjust the paper size to A4 if you need to, and fit to page. )

2. cut each sheet using the crop marks as a guide.
(the back page is slightly larger than all the others.)

3. assemble the pages.
(the 2013 page goes at the very back.)

4. hang up your lovely new calendar.
(I used mini bulldog clips and invisible string, but you could also cut circular holes in each page using a hole punch and hang it up with string or butcher's twine.)

5. that's it... ta da!!!

free calendar download
1 >> Print the PDF template

calendar tutorial
2 >> Cut out the calendar pages using the crop marks as guides 

triangular calendar
 3 >> Assemble your calendar (tip... January goes at the front)

4 >> Hang up your lovely new calendar

5 >> Ta Da!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Oops... there was a mistake on the December page, with two 30ths and no 23rd. Darn it. I knew there would be a typo somewhere.

    I've fixed it now and uploaded the corrected version so you should be all set to go. If you spot any more mistakes though, leave me a comment and I'll try my best to sort it out through silent tears.

    Lots of numbers make my brain go fuzzy.


  2. this is such an ace idea and a lovely calendar too! im downloading it right now!

    1. Wheeee!! So happy you like it. Thank you Rosy. x

  3. Love this Camilla thank you Beth xxx

  4. So very pretty, and how very kind of you xx

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment. I replied on my blog, but who ever goes back to read replies?! So I'll paste it here as well :)

    Thanks Camilla, that's so lovely of you - and the same goes for you too - have a belter of a year. I'm looking forward to the Butterscotch and Beesting series of children's books, followed of course by the movie. I think I'd like to see Christina Ricci as Betty.


    1. Oh, how I wish that could be... a book, movie and Christina!! I think I would probably self-implode with excitement xxx

  6. Love it! Thats very kind and totally ace of you x

  7. That's very sweet of you!! Beautiful calendar!! Thanks!!


  8. Thanks for sharing and it was a good show and I hope they all had a long rest after the show! I didn't check the the exhibitor list so I was delighted to see the Ultimaker's, especially printing a little robot, then using it's print head to knock it off and print yet another one that's Automatic Printing!.